Embrace your femme energy to ignite self-worth and a radiant life

Release the endless frazzle! Whether it's caring for your loved ones, climbing the ladder of success or earning those degrees, you can do it without sacrificing your well-being.

You deserve to thrive, free from stress, worry, and self-doubt.
Your emotions are valid, your ideas are valuable, and your voice is influential.

Imagine a life with more time, more energy, vitality and the freedom to rejuvenate. Your wishes for a balanced life can come true. You know there is MORE to life. You were BORN for more. 

You're not alone in this journey, we're here to support you.
 It's time to reclaim your time, your energy, your dreams.

You were born with the power to create a life that's more than just a cycle of stress.

Divine Woman...

Reclaim Your Power & Wear Your Crown!


To heal and release deep wounds that keep you stuck being a magnet for scarcity and shift into a woman who is a magnet for abundance.

You will liberate yourself from toxic energy that’s draining your life and awaken the boundless energy within your soul.

Feel alive, radiant, and empowered to shape your own reality as the powerful woman you are.

This is a                Invitation 



Switch from not feeling good enough into a confident goddess that light up rooms as you enter them.

Release the underlying emotional baggage and reclaim your inner peace to process emotions.

Communicate with LOVE not fear, blame and victimhood to nourish your relationships. 

Honor yourself with self-care and healthy      boundaries to achieve work-life balance. 

Embrace your femme energy and manifest abundance with ease and grace.

Feel your body glow with love as you clear the stress and struggles from your mind, body, and spirit FOREVER! 

You'll Be Empowered To:

If you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now. Leave the fear of the unknown and the 'I can't afford it' excuses behind

You are either thinking that you can't afford it, you need to speak with a spouse or someone who helps you make decisions for your future to confirm that this is a good move for you, and the most important reason of being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone to the unknown.  

It’s time to give yourself the ENERGY and LOVE, you need to truly RADIATE!

In order to Reclaim your power and wear your crown, you HAVE to make a choice.
The choice to embrace your self-worth and prioritize yourself.
The universe is waiting to bless you abundantly. 

Everything you need to know to create a balanced lifestyle from someone who has walked and conquered the path. Why not open yourself to abundance, love and heal the mind, body and soul while skipping unnecessary struggle?

Let's be honest, gorgeous... 

Trust me, you are not alone.
Let's find your balance and prioritize.


Ditch the guilt, shame, burn out, and people-pleasing role and shift into being a Queen who sets boundaries to love and respects herself!

Attract vibrant, radiant life and uplifting relationships without sacrificing your soul and dignity.

To Thrive with clarity, self-love, and emotional resilience

I help Driven women who are ready to:


It's time to               with your highest self and reclaim your life  

I believe my purpose is to inspire and empower you to live an abundant, radiant and vibrant life. 

Alright, let's talk real here. Life wasn't always sunny for me. Just like many first-gen graduates, I waded through some serious struggles. Generational and cultural beliefs? Yeah, those had their hooks in me. Expectations from every direction? Trust me, I get it. I wasted time on things that didn't light my fire. Switched my majors like I was changing my playlist, all in search of my soul's jam. And those soul-sucking 9-to-5 gigs in toxic environments? I've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. I hustled paycheck to paycheck, all to cover my education bills. And relationships? Well, let's just say I stuck around way longer than any self-respecting queen should.

But guess what? I've leveled up. I broke through those chains, and now I'm here, fired up and ready to help you do the same. It's time to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and grab what you well deserve.

You've got the sass and the spark to rewrite your story. So, rise up, own your worth, and let's flip the script on your life. You've got this, and I've got your back, fierce queen! 

As a coach and mentor with a decade of cutting-edge training, I offer actionable steps to amplify your energy, mindfulness, and fulfillment.

Let's light your path to empowerment.

read about Yuri

yuri bedoy, ms,chhp


Your empowerment Coach

90 minute VIP kick-off session 
Get clear on what you desire to rewire and create the clear action steps to bring this into your life.

60 minute virtual coaching sessions for 12 weeks via GoogleMeet or Zoom.

Weekly accountability check-ins via Email/Texts to support you stay on track as you implement the work from our sessions.

Customized Tools/Resources to support your transformations and shifts. 

Empowering "action assignments" designed to keep you inspired as you pursue your goals and commit to the necessary steps for personal growth.

Client Portal access for session overview and journal prompts for your reflection.



our time together includes:

i'm ready

3 x 20 minute trauma-informed home Breathwork techniques to connect with your heart. Learn to release self-doubt and align with your true self.

A guide to achieve a Radiant Body Inside Out by healing your gut, including 3 months meal plan with groceries list and balancing your hormones. 

The Master Guide to Heal Your Body

The HeartMath Home Techniques


There are ONLY 4 spots available!


3 x 60 minutes sessions from trauma-informed breathwork therapy, emotional code therapy, yoga, or sound healing.

Access to EFT meditation to support your mind, body, and soul healing.   

Pay in Full (Save $1000) Plus Receive Soul Healing  Bonuses





Yuri provides a safe space, judgement-free, and understanding. She worked with me at my pace to bring awareness and balance into my life despite my demanding schedule. My fixed mindset affected me not only in my personal life but also in my career. Through her program, I gained confidence to prioritize myself and increase my self-worth.
 I feel empowered to claim abundance.



Working with Yuri helped me feel motivated and shift from “I am not enough” into being a confident Queen to manifest the life that I desire. I learned techniques that helped me release anxiety and doubt. I am so happy with my outcomes from this program and definitely recommend it. 


"I feel AMAZING"

Before taking this 90 days session I felt confused, stressed, and unfocused. I can truly say that Yuri has over delivered value that has helped me gain more clarity in my goals and improve my relationship with others. She made me realize the importance of true self-care! I feel amazing! 

-Daniela T.


Your Journey Starts Here, Gorgeous.

What are you waiting for? 


to find clarity and strategy to create a balanced life?

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Step into your power with our Unleash Your Inner Goddess program.

Let's be real... when your iPhone breaks, you figure out how to fix it, right? So why hesitate when it comes to investing in yourself? It's time to take control of your finances and see this as a worthy investment in yourself.

Joining our program is about finding your inner strength to gain clarity, set boundaries, and bounce back from challenges. It's about making bold moves towards the freedom and happiness you deserve.

It's time to embrace your greatness and let your inner goddess shine.

Why is there so much hesitation to invest in yourself and your future?