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Embark on a transformative journey with our Love Alchemy coaching program, tailored for couples at every stage of their relationship. Whether you're starting out on this journey together or seeking to deepen your connection, our program serves as your guide to reigniting passion, nurturing intimacy, and thriving in love. Navigate societal and familial pressures with resilience, conquer the complexities of merging identities, and alleviate the weight of relationship challenges. Choose the Love Alchemy program that aligns with your needs and take the first step toward a happier, healthier relationship today.

Join us now to break free from destructive cycles, rediscover passion, and shape your love story with purpose. Don't wait any longer to make a positive change in your relationship.

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Unlock the Love Alchemy Experience: Ignite, Bond, Thrive

Tailored Solutions for Every Stage of Your Marriage Journey


  • Struggling with effective communication, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Facing financial stressors, such as disagreements over budgeting and spending habits.
  • Dealing with intimacy issues, including a lack of physical or emotional closeness.
  • Managing conflicts related to parenting styles, discipline, and childcare responsibilities.
  • Rebuilding trust after past betrayals, infidelity, or dishonesty.
  • Negotiating differences in long-term goals, such as career ambitions and family planning.
  • Navigating conflicts stemming from diverse cultural backgrounds or religious beliefs.
  • Coping with unresolved emotional baggage from past relationships or family dynamics.
  • Struggling to find quality time together amidst busy schedules and distractions.
  • Battling routine and monotony, with days feeling repetitive and lacking excitement.
  • Addressing feelings of resentment or bitterness over past hurts or unmet expectations.
  • Managing strain from traditional gender roles or expectations within the relationship.
  • Coping with health issues, whether physical or mental, impacting the marriage.
  • Dealing with social pressures and external influences on the relationship from family, friends, or society.


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Are you and your partner facing challenges in communication, resolving conflicts, or reconnecting romantically? 

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." - Aristotle

Honor yourself with self-love and healthy boundaries to thrive in life.

Nourish your relationships by communicating with love, not fear, anger, or frustration.

Having a deep connection boost with your partner.

Having a richer intimacy that goes beyond the physical, exploring emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions.

Resolving conflicts effectively and turning challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Having confidence in your relationship's resilience, fostering a stronger bond that will thrive in the face of adversity and navigate life's challenges together.

Envision building a supportive network of friends and family that strengthens your bond.

Gain insights and skills to nurture family dynamics for a harmonious environment.

Imagine If You Could..

Cultivate Resilience in Love with practical strategies to navigate life's ups and downs as a united front. Celebrate victories, overcome obstacles, and build a foundation that withstands the test of time. Your love will continue to flourish, no matter what life throws your way.

Learn to communicate authentically, sharing your deepest fears, desires, and dreams with your partner. Together, discover the beauty of vulnerability, strengthening your bond and deepening your connection like never before.

Say goodbye to routine interactions and hello to moments filled with purpose and passion. Through expert guidance and personalized exercises, you'll infuse every aspect of your relationship with intentionality, reigniting the spark that first brought you together.

Discover the Power of Intentional Connection

Embrace Vulnerability as Strength

Cultivate Resilience in Love

create love that thrives.

Intention, Vulnerability, and Resilience 


I am Certified in Marriage, Family & Human Relations, as well as Advanced Marriage & Family Functioning.

As a relationship coach, I specialize in supporting premarital couples, newlyweds, and those seeking to strengthen their relationships. My approach involves helping couples to identify their individual traumas and establish healthy communication patterns. By addressing these issues early on, we create a solid foundation for nurturing emotional resilience in both partners and their future children. With tailored guidance and strategies, I empower couples to build strong, lasting relationships that navigate life's challenges and promote personal growth.

Drawing from my personal experience and certifications, I provide expert guidance to navigate the complexities of adolescence, offering clarity and reducing stress and anxiety. Together, we focus on building emotional resilience and identifying communication styles, values, and beliefs to help you achieve your marriage and parenting goals.

Overall, I have over 20 years of experience of valuable lessons of understanding family dynamics. I utilize solid frameworks from Mental Health and Wellness to support your wellbeing with ease and love. 

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Newlyweds navigating the complexities of merging identities and establishing a strong foundation for their future together.

Seeking to navigate relational challenges to build healthier dynamics.

Ready to transform from resentment and dissatisfaction to radiance, creating a thriving partnership.

Desire to deepen their intimacy and fostering greater satisfaction and connection.

Struggling with differing levels of sexual desire in their marriage and longing for intimacy harmony.

Wanting more confidence in their own desirability, hoping to embrace their sexuality with confidence.

Exploring alternative approaches for relationship healing after unsuccessful marriage counseling.


It's time to               with your spouse and keep the romance alive.  

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Whether you're newly engaged, recently married, or seeking to reignite the spark in your relationship, our Love Alchemy program is designed with you in mind. Dive into practical strategies crafted for modern couples, addressing the unique challenges of merging lives, aligning dreams, and deepening your connection. Our unwavering support ensures you ignite passion, strengthen your bond, and thrive together on this exhilarating journey.

For those feeling distant, stressed, or stuck in their marriage, our Love Alchemy Healing program offers a pathway to renewal and growth. With empathetic guidance and proven techniques, we'll help you heal past hurts, rebuild trust, and reignite excitement. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, overcoming obstacles, fostering understanding, and building a love that stands the test of time..

Upon enrolling in Love Alchemy, you'll gain access to our comprehensive platform and resources tailored to your transformation program. Access customized tools and resources curated to support your transformational journey.

Your experience begins with an initial assessment, where we delve into your unique needs, goals, and challenges, setting the stage for personalized support. Enjoy a 60-minute Clarity session to define your desires and establish clear action steps.

Over the course of 12 weeks, engage in weekly 60-minute Virtual Coaching Sessions via Google Meet, where our expert guidance will empower your progress. Stay motivated with empowering "action assignments" designed to inspire and propel your personal growth.

Additionally, benefit from monthly Live Q&A sessions, where you can seek guidance, ask questions, and receive personalized support.

As part of the Love Alchemy community, enjoy discounted access to future programs, ensuring your continued growth and development as a couple.

LOVE Alchemy: Ignite, bond, thrive


How It Works:


Week 1-2: Foundations of a Strong Marriage Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Assessing the current state of the marriage. 
  • Master empathy and active listening techniques for deeper understanding.
Week 3-4: Communication Mastery
  • Learn and practice healthy conflict resolution strategies while managing stress and emotions.
  • Learn effective communication skills to express your wants and desires.
Week 5-6: Navigating Life Transitions
  • Understand how to cope with major life changes, set your individual values and goals. 
  • Align values and goals with your partner and supporting each other's personal and professional goals. 
  • Reflecting on the journey of forgiveness in marriage and celebrating successes and milestones.
Week 7-8: Understanding Intimacy and Romance
  • Learn various aspects of intimacy beyond physical closeness.
  • Learn practical ways to keep romance alive. 
Week 9-10: Financial Planning and Management
  • Explore attitudes towards money and financial goals.
  • Develop a strategy for financial transparency and accountability.
Week 11-12: Building a Supportive Network
  • Discuss the importance of maintaining individual and joint social circles.
  • Develop strategies for continuous growth and connection.




Yuri provides a safe space, judgement-free, and understanding. She worked with me at my pace to bring awareness and balance into my life despite my demanding schedule. My fixed mindset affected me not only in my personal life but also in my career. Through her program, I gained confidence to prioritize myself and increase my self-worth.
 I feel empowered to claim abundance.



Working with Yuri helped me feel motivated and shift from “I am not enough” into being a confident Queen to manifest the life that I desire. I learned techniques that helped me release anxiety and doubt. I am so happy with my outcomes from this program and definitely recommend it. 


"I feel AMAZING"

Before taking this 90 days session I felt confused, stressed, and unfocused. I can truly say that Yuri has over delivered value that has helped me gain more clarity in my goals and improve my relationship with others. She made me realize the importance of true self-care! I feel amazing! 

-Daniela T.

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